About Us

Vintage bone china tea cup with assortment of sampled tea bags in yellow, deep purple and rich browns
My love for all things tea started with a substantially sized chocolate brown tea pot we found in my grandma Lily's house. It had a chip in the nozzle and served enough tea that we all got a cup from the same pot. 
We'd sit around the circle table in my mom's kitchen or lean against the counter and talk about everything and anything from the happy moments that brought peels of laughter to the morose moments where our tears trailed right into our tea cups. What ever the reason a cup of tea has a way of making you slow down and spend some time together. 
With that as a foundation, building this store was like coming home. Now I've spent days sampling teas at my own kitchen table with my mom and my partner, whittling it down to a handful that's really warmed us to the core. 
The core values of this business; love, family, and togetherness were the driving force for the store's name as it derives from a pet name only used by my closest family.
With that said, join our family and take a seat at our table.
Tea is served!